Baldwin Rewards

Baldwin Rewards

This project required the development of a website designed to solve one of the oldest problems in business… how to motivate the sales team, improve their product knowledge and increase their numbers. As an Incentive Team developer I created this site for our client Baldwin® Hardware.

Incentive Website Development

Much like the previous Armstrong project, the website’s purpose is to offer registered users/participants the ability to earn points by performing various sales oriented tasks on the site. Some of these tasks include:

  • Completing training courses that focus on Baldwin® products
  • Completing the monthly challenge by submitting a story
  • Entering sales and uploading invoices
  • Logging into the site a specific number of times in a month

The main website runs in a coldfusion environment driven by MySQL. Accessing the live site requires a user account. The demo page on this server runs in a LAMP environment, is not a complete site, and does not require an account.

Please note that the Baldwin® logo, trademark and brand is the sole property of Baldwin® Hardware.



Planning the Website

At the client’s request, typography, button styles and the color palette resemble the look and feel of the main Baldwin® website. The client also wanted the site to focus on their EVOLVED™ line of products.

This website required the following elements:

  1. A user login page containing session start script and links to a “Forgot Password” page and a “User Registration” page
  2. A home page containing main navigation and widgets containing links to other pages
  3. A “scratch card” overlay as incentive to complete training courses
  4. A shopping cart to house items that participants can purchase with accrued points
  5. A large MySQL database to house the following:
    • Participant data such as profile information, sales data, points earned, courses taken and supervisor/store information
    • Data regarding each Baldwin® product eligible for the incentive program such as SKU and model number, available colors, finishes and styles available, etc.
    • Data regarding shopping cart items that participants can purchase with accrued points

I created some initial wireframes representing branding and widget locations. The goal of each incentive site that we create is to provide a portal-style home page that showcases monthly promotions, the participant’s current point count and links to training courses the participant has yet to complete.

Designing the visuals

I wanted the aesthetic to be clean and focus on Baldwin’s EVOLVED™ technology. Much of the hard work had already been done creating the wireframes. It was time to experiment with colors and layout and to begin creating image assets. All images were optimized to the smallest file size possible via TinyPNG.



Achieving the common goals of a company is a team effort. To be successful, everyone has to be on board. While cooperation and enthusiasm levels are usually high at the onset, maintaining that same motivation and drive along the way is no easy task. At Incentive Team… we know how to keep things interesting.